Physiotherapy Department – Prabodhini Trust Nashik

Physiotherapy Department

Physiotherapy is important for both mental and physical growth. Prabodhini has a well equipped Physiotherapy centre in the school premises. Students perform Physio exercises and activities under the guidance of Physiotherapist, teachers and parents.

Objectives of the Physiotherapy
1) The main objective of Physiotherapy is to reduce the intensity of disability and enhance a child’s life. This helps them to be self-reliant and perform the day to day activities with much ease. In term, they help their parents too.

2) To check their developmental milestones of babies above 6 months and encourage physical activities.

3) Helping 8 to 12 years old children to become independent according to their physical and mental growth.

4) Physiotherapist along with the children, guides the parents and assist the other medical activity, if needed.

Importance & need of the Physiotherapy
1) Physiotherapy plays an important role in Early Intervention. The earlier the children exercise, the better it is for their physical development.

2) Physiotherapy helps paying attention in developing muscle strength and balance. This helps in balance and coordination of a child.

3) It helps them to gain natural position by encouraging exercises for Gross motor, Fine motor, Grip muscle strengthening, Cervical, Thoracic and Lumber development.

4) Physiotherapy helps paying attention to their movements and improving their co-ordination

5) Counseling the parents and encourage them to get the exercises done.

6) Aiding the parents to expose the children to various situations and people

Proper Physiotherapy treatment improves the physical activities of children through not 100% cure.

Both our schools have a well equipped Physiotherapy department. Not only the school children but out patients also avail this facility. They are charged a minimum fee.

Physiotherapy has helped many children to be able walk, and move around. There is an extraordinary progress.