History – Prabodhini Trust Nashik


Late Mrs. Rajanitai Limaye is the founder member of this trust. An extremely intelligent with loving personality, she was teacher by profession. When she realised that her own son Gautam was mentally disabled and would not have a normal life, she was devastated.

She had her son examined by Doctors in Mumbai but heard the same result. Neurosurgeon Dr. Ginde advised her to start a special school for her son with some other similar children in Nashik.

The main reason for the establishment of this institution is Gautam is a disabled child of Mrs. Rajani Limaye. She could understand the helplessness and sufferings of child with mental deficiency and agonies of the parents of such children through her own experience. She started it along with parents with similar issues, and help and guidance of Mrs. Kamala Sarda and Mr. Dr. S. M. Sule, Rajani Tai came forward, to help the mentally challenged children, and break the bond of frustration and disappointment.

PRABODHINI TRUST The institution had to struggle hard at the initial stage. It was difficult to convince people – especially parents of the specially challenged children – the significance of this unique endeavor. The project was started with four students. The Institution needed funds, sufficient space, trained teachers, devoted workers and para-medical professional. Nothing was easy. With ceaseless efforts the picture changed. People extended wholehearted co-operation.

Doctors, Professors, Industrialists and many other appreciated the efforts made by the institution for the habitation of the disabled. At first, classes were held in the two small rooms given by Mrs Kumud tai Oak at a nominal rent. Later, the Nashik Municipality gave an acre of land on which building for school was constructed with the help of funds from the Government of India. The school got recognition from the Social Welfare Dept. Of Maharashtra State in 1982. Now, Over 300 students are on roll participating in various activities of projects of the institution. Currently the trust has its schools, training center, workshop and hostel.