Our Founder – Prabodhini Trust Nashik

Founder – Mrs. Rajanitai Nagesh Limaye

The life story of the founder Mrs ‘Limaye Tai’ is nothing but a story of brave , intelligent and courageous woman who fought against all odds to achieve her dream to facilitate “special children”.

After learning about her son’s mental disability, she took a challenging step of turning this obstacle into opportunity not only for her son, “Gautam” but also for all the other children suffering from this disability.

Rajani Tai was for fronting this campaign to help mentally challenged children along with people to put together their time, money and skills for this cause for educating them and make society awareness to make them independent.

She was an ideal mother, administrator, head-mistress, teacher and as well as originator behind this institution. She has published various books for gifted children. She received a number of awards in honors of her impeccable deed.

Her husband Mr. Nagesh Limaye has been her strongest support in this entire journey. Her cousin Mrs. Sulbha Sarvate, has made a large Contribution in all her work. Few important names without them this journey seemed incomplete as below: Ms. Kamalabai Sarada (The first donor), Dr. Shirishsule, Ms. Mangala Kelkar, MrsSulabhaSarvate (who helped in spreading awareness), Ms.Kumudtai Oak (helped in finding and acquiring land for the cause), Ms. Sudhatai Datey (teaching yoga and exercises), Mr. Balasaheb Sahastrabuddhe (Rajani tai’s guide) and educationalist Mr. G.V. Akolkar  and many more..

In 2014 her son Gautam received the state level award for “Ideal disabled worker” then her life mission seemed to be fulfilled.

She always felt that there were so many things still to be done. Having these thoughts in her mind, the great soul passed away on 16 January 2018 due to common sickness.

Even after her death, she continued with her mission by donating her body.


Rajanitai Limaye
  • Founder of Prabodhini Trust – An Institution for the Training,
  • Education and Rehabilitation of the Mentally Challenged.
  • School Teacher– Worked in normal School for 20 Years. Joined as assistant-teacher and retired as the vice-principal in 1989.
  • (Voluntary Retirement)
  • Papers Presented – State Level papers in 1885 1991,1992 as well as :-
  • In 1994, 5th International portage conference in New Delhi. “Need Of Support Within Family”.
  • Study Tours abroad – 1991-Canada, USA, UK (London), visited various institutions and rehabilitation centres, Presented video film, had discussion with Parents.
  • In 1999 paper presentation at Singapore in international symposium in November.
  • In 2000 a special program was arranged at Calgary University. (Canada)


Rajanitai Limaye
  1. National Awards for Teachers – 1986 Received by The Respected President of India Hon. R. Venkatraman in 1987.
  2. Dalit Mitra award – 1988 (A state level award by Govt. Of Maharashtra for helping the less privileged.)
  3. Lok Kalyan Puraskar – 1999 (An award for the work done for the welfare of the society.
  4. TV Programme – Twice in Dnyandeep Mumbai Doordarshan. Samvad – E.Tv Marathi 2004
  5. Sanskriti Vaibhav Award, 2007

Books Published

  1. GonduliGani (Poems)
  2. Jagar
  3. DhyanimaniPrabodhini – These books are well known
  4. Minds foundation, Singapore had arranged an international
  5. conference ‘Rajani tai’ had the honour of presenting her paper on ‘Equal opportunity for the mentally disabled in the Indian social situation’.

Special Appointments

Rajanitai Limaye
  • Member – Local level committee- Nashik Dist. National Trust
  • Member – PD Act 1995 Nashik Dist.
  • Chair Person – Prabodhini Palak Sameeti an organisation of Parents of Mentally Handicapped children in Nashik.(specially challenged)
  • Member – State level committee for Pariwar National organisation of parents of MH (Mentally Handicapped) children.

(specially challenged)