Psychology Department – Prabodhini Trust Nashik

Psychology Department

A Psychological department was started by the Prabodhini trust at Prabodhini Vidyamandir and Smt. Sunanda Kele Vidyamandir.

Here the children are diagnosed for mental disability. For this different I. Q tests are conducted. The department has seven I.Q. tests and they are used to diagnose the levels. These tests can be used for children of 3 to 45 years of age.

Similarly developmental test from 0-3 years children are available.

Along with the I.Q. tests, parental counseling is equally necessary as they also go through great stress.

Children from all over Nashik district undergo these test here. They come here for IQ test as well as to diagnose the level of Mental disability. The department work with “Sarva Siksha Abhiyan”.

Parents are counseled and educated for handling such children. The children are given behavioral treatment which helps to improve their concentration, awareness, ability, memory, energy and mental development.

The parents and children are counseled to lessen their stress. They are given information about various schemes, and given support for participation in these schemes and plans.

The mission of social awareness is also carried out by the Psychological department.