Prabodhini Balmargdarshan Kendra Baalwadi – Prabodhini Trust Nashik

Prabodhini Balmargdarshan Kendra Baalwadi (Savali)

Age Group – 3 to 6

Prabodhini Balmargdarshan Kendra Baalwadi Sawali, this nursery to kindergarten admits children’s from 3 to 6 years. The earlier these specially able children go to school, faster they progress. Every child is studied and a special teacher gives the child special education.

These children find it difficult to perform simple day to day activities. Like personal hygiene, brushing, eating, wearing clothes and wearing shoes. The teachers teach them all these activities with lot of patience, love and persistence.

These children love music and songs. They are taught day to day activities through entertaining games. Most of the children find it difficult to talk and communication has to be done through gestures.

Children progress faster due to speech therapy and physiotherapy. The special teachers, assistant teachers and attendants take care of the children. It gives great pleasure to see a crawling child walk. After 6 years, the children go from nursery to kindergarten.


Prabodhini Balmargdarshan Kendra Baalwadi (Savali)

Behind ITI, Front of Mutha Hospital, Satpur, Nashik

Phone No. – 91-0253-2362723