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Prabodhini Vidyamandir

Prabodhini Vidyamandir Prabodhini Vidyamandir was the first school established by Late Rajanitai Limaye. It is a well facilitated two storeyed building. 160 students within the age group of 3 to 18 years attend the school. Group of 10 to 12 students are formed after their I.Q. levels have been tested. Each group has one trained teacher and one attendant. The school has 15 trained skilled teachers and 8 Art teachers.

The primary groups are taught self reliance skills make them independent. The secondary groups can write, read, and do a little maths. This is to help them to cope up with their day to day life.

Student ready for occupation are trained to make paper bags, lanterns, rakhis, house-hold articles, colouring lamps and other craft articles beside studies. This helps to increase children’s ability to work. Also keeping them busy helps to solve behavioral problems of adolescents.

Prabodhini Vidyamandir Besides various other activities like picnic, workshops, dance, drama, and annual social gatherings are arranged to keep the children happy. All festivals are celebrated with great enthusiasm so that children can learn their importance. The school authorities, teachers and staff take continuous efforts to bring about an all round development of the children through various activities and mediums like drawing, craft, stitching etc.

The school receives a grant for 130 students. The expenses for the remaining have to be borne by the trust. Depending on the I.Q levels, students are identified tobe of acute, average, mild personality. Accordingly they are made into groups of primary, secondary, apprentice for their independence. A special recognized curriculum of F.A.C.P (भारतीय पुनर्वास परिषद) is executed and examinations are conducted accordingly. Regular check-ups twice a year are carried out by specialized doctors.

Prabodhini Vidyamandir Each section in the school has pure drinking water and children are given nutritious food during recess. The school has a big play ground and beautiful garden.

Prabodhini has shown the society that the (disabled) specially abled are no where behind than others by winning the prizes in the Maharashtra Bal Natya for the part two years. ‘Shahanpan dega Deva’ and ‘Shala Aajobachi’ are two marathi dramas where 2 children won bronze medals and five thousand rupees, and certificates for acting skills.

We need sensitive, philanthropist to donate and help us to carry out this Herculean task. We believe a humanity and are expecting help from philanthropist in the society.

Prabodhini Vidyamandir

Lane no-2,
Old Pandit Colony,
Sharanpur Road,

Phone No – +91-0253-2579716

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