Donation – Prabodhini Trust Nashik

An Institution For the care of Mentally Challenged
Reg. No. F 396 and F.C.R.A. No. 839005

Donation The Sunanda Kele Vidyamandir has not yet received any grant. These are 100 Students availing the facility of special education. So the trust has to bear a great burden of the salaries of the teachers, attendant and other staff. The maintenance expenditure of the buildings is increasing day by day . The trust appeals the society for generous donations for following purposes :

School Bus services
There is no government grant for transport facility. The school cannot be run without the bus service. We would be greatly obliged if donors come forward for the this requirement and reduce the trust’s burden. The yearly expenditure of the bus service is 18 to 20 lakhs.

Hostel Aid

  • Each financially dependant student – Rs. 7500/- per month from the hostel
  • Groceries and vegetables – Rs. 20,000/- Per month.
  • Breakfast (One time) – Rs. 2000/- Per month
  • Meal ( One time ) – Rs. 5000/- Per Month

Guardianship for the financially dependant

  • Developmental fund – Each Rs. 6000/- per year.
  • School Bus fee – Each Rs. 7000/- per year.
  • Afternoon meal for the child – Rs. 4000/- per month.
  • Uniforms – minimum Rs. 600/- each.

You can help us with these small gestures too –

  • Give household old newspapers and magazines to us.
  • Buy articles made by the students.
  • Give the trained students job work in your industry or workshop.
  • Outsourcing job work to children (Above 18 Years) from your industry or workshop.

Prabodhini trust is one of the first institutions for the care of mentally challenged, in Northern Maharashtra. More than 41 years the institution has grown from a sapling to a wide spread tree giving physical, intellectual and emotional support to mentally challenged and their families. Prabodhini has been doing non-stop efforts for the education, training and rehabilitation of these special children.

Our mission is three fold viz, enabling out individuals potential, empowering the parents – especially mothers and enlightening the society to accept them.

Empowerment of mothers is must, as the mentally handicapped child can’t fight for his or her fights. If mothers fight this battle, their child will be a useful element of the society. A mentally challenged child is responsibility of the family as well as the society. They are treated with great respect and dignity in developed countries. We feel to have same situation in our country, India. Indian Government has proclaimed PWD Act and National Trust act. Our responsibility is to execute them and treat these children with love, care and respectful citizens of India.

Prabodhini trust has been doing ceaseless efforts with the help of trained teachers, para-medical professionals devoted workers and volunteers. To run this institution effortlessly, Prabodhini appeals the society to help us with the finances as well as other means of donations. We appeal to help these children in the best possible way you can. We need help in following areas:

  • Prabodhini trust has different units across Nashik city. The institute is recognized by social welfare department. We run few of our units on non-grant basis. The units are successfully managed by trained teachers and devoted non-teaching staff. Prabodhini is unable to give them sufficient monthly remuneration due to lack of funds. We appeal the sponsors to help us.

  • Most of our children are from poor background and unable to pay school fees. You can adopt one such child with yearly contribution of Rs. 6000/-.
  • You can donate us needful materiel or help us with the finances on your special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries.
  • We appeal to donate you for our social cause. You can transfer the funds in the name of
    Prabodhini Trust, Nashik in the following account –
    1) RTGS – for Indian Rupees
    State Bank of India
    Satpur, Nashik Branch A/C No. 10381562085
    IFSC Code : SBIN0003872
    MICR code : 422002003

    2) FCRA – for foreign currencies
    Bank of Baroda
    Nashik Branch A/C No. 17660100002028
    MICR code : 422012003

  • Income Tax exemption under 80 G Certificate